MMA Life Dana White talks UFC 203, Lawler vs Cerrone at MSG, CM Punk Debut, Ronda Rousey, GSP, Donald Trump – YouTube Video Update

Dana White talks UFC 203, Lawler vs Cerrone at MSG, CM Punk Debut, Ronda Rousey, GSP, Donald Trump – YouTube

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Jiu-jitsu represents the triumph of human intelligence over brute strength. This can probably be attributed to Helio Gracie.
The traditional combative practice of martial arts has certainly become exceedingly popular in the Western Hemisphere. With the advent of karate movies, actors such as Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee, have become household names in American homes. The movie “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” (2000) had a predominantly ethnic Chinese cast. The film earned over 40 awards and $120 million at the US box office, the highest for any foreign language film. Therefore it should not be surprising how the influence of martial arts has encroached upon American pop culture.
There are various styles of martial arts and these include: karate, wrestling, judo and tae kwon do. Most techniques require the fighters to generate a lot of force and consume energy. However Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, which is better suited for someone who is not too bulky, could be best used as a system of self defense. Bigger opponents can be defeated by using proper fighting strategies. This particularly appeals to females, who are usually smaller in size and stature, a feature which makes them appear to be more vulnerable. The techniques of this form of martial arts empower women by enabling them to be better prepared for surviving an attack. In this way, Brazilian jiu-jitsu could be seen as crucial to saving one’s life. It has the additional benefits of toning muscles without increasing bulk and for promoting weight loss. These are just some of the many reasons that it has become increasing popular among females.
Brazilian jiu-jitsu, or bjj, is markedly different from Japanese jujutsu because it is not only considered a martial art, but also a competitive sport. The level of expertise and training required also encourages character building, which makes it an important sport for young people. It gives a strong sense of discipline and perseverance.
This style of fighting focuses on getting the opponent to the ground. When fighting a larger opponent, this is particularly advantageous as it limits his/her reach, as well as the ability to apply powerful blows. Technical strength, rather than brute force, is then used for defeating the opponent.
Different colored belts are also awarded to young persons and adults as the practitioner moves up the various levels of technique and practical skill. The demands of the consistent training, averaging 3 to 4 times a week, are very good for promoting physical fitness.
There are several international tournaments, such as the Mundials, European Championships and the Pan American Championships. However, for years, stakeholders have been lobbying the International Olympic Committee to make Brazilian jiu-jitsu an Olympic event. After all, it is highly competitive and has international appeal. It is practiced in several countries of the world. Several new sporting events had been added to the London games, such as, women’s boxing, mixed tennis doubles and Omnium track cycling. As the upcoming Olympic games are scheduled to take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, it would appear that it might become a reality, as it is one of the national sports of the country. There could certainly be no better way of introducing the sport to the world.

Dana White talks UFC 203, Lawler vs Cerrone at MSG, CM Punk Debut, Ronda Rousey, GSP, Donald Trump – YouTube