MMA Life Conor McGregor, UFC Featherweight World Champion, Joins Team BSN® – YouTube Video Update

Conor McGregor, UFC Featherweight World Champion, Joins Team BSN®

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Pic: UFC 204 poster sneak peek for ‘Bisping vs Henderson 2’ on Oct. 8 in Manchester –
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When attempting to knock someone out with just one punch, there isn’t any magic pill, regardless of what you hear to help you do this. The cool thing is, there are techniques and a few methodologies that if you decide to employ, can swiftly get your skills up to the level to where there would be a very good possibility that you could do this.

1.) Force – The first thing you need to work on when you want to deliver a knockout punch is to improve your force as much as possible. Force is a combination of speed and weight. Everyone is different when it comes to maximizing these potentials.

The point is you can move as fast as Lightning, but if you don’t have real power to back up your blow, it’s not gonna have much effect on your opponent. Mike Tyson is an example of someone who has a tremendous amount of power. The best thing you can do is balance both by doing some strength training as well as stamina workouts.

2.) Makiwara – A Makiwara is nothing but a semi hard board that is slightly padded. It is made with flexible wood so when you strike it, it bends just a little bit. Using this board will teach you how to aim and focus on your target. If you practice hitting this at least a few times per week, over some time you’ll get faster and stronger. You’ll also realize that your blows will become much more focused and that you’ll be able to move the board a lot more after you’ve done this a few times.

3.) Balance – Focus on your center of gravity. If you’ve ever practiced any form of Martial Arts they all have one thing in common. And this is to teach you balance. You will learn this through practicing katas, through sparring and through certain exercises. You will be able to Deliver a Knockout Punch more easily and effectively once you have mastered balancing and properly positioning your body. This technique is more of a journey than a destination, since as you progress through the Martial Arts ranks you will learn more katas and learn how to use more weapons, all of which improve balance.

4.) Use The Element of Surprise – The element of surprise has always been a formidable advantage in combat. If you cold cock your opponent when they are not expecting it, you have a much better chance of Delivering A Knockout Punch this way. Of course I sure hope you don’t use this tactic for any evil purposes.

5.) Maintain Good Health – Stay away from Tobacco and Recreational Drugs. These will weaken not only your body but will sap your will and fighting spirit as well and when people find out you do this they will generally lose a lot of respect for you which is what you are trying to avoid. Also make sure your training is hard and consistent.

6.) Winning Mindset – You could think of this as a survival instinct, or you could develop this over time. After training for it you have to really believe in your own heart and spirit you can do this. And this mindset has to come within you. No one can give it to you. It is developed through training, motivation and dedication like being successful at any discipline is achieved.

These are simple steps yes, but they are the keys to unlock the full potentials of your body and mind. And as I never would condone starting a fight, everyone has the right to defend themselves if they are in danger. So practice these 6 steps above, and if you are ever cornered, you’ll have the skills to properly defend yourself.

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