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Would you like to know the benefits that you can experience as a result of training with elastic exercise bands for martial arts? Do you want to be able to generate explosive muscle power when you need it? Would you like to develop massive strength, endurance and flexibility that will help you kick anyone’s ass? If so, read on.
Using elastic exercise bands, it is possible to improve your fighting skills. You will be able to make your kicks harder and throw knockout punches as you wish. And you can also block attacks faster, move faster and ground your opponent to submission much faster with these bands.
As a martial artist, the most IMPORTANT thing you need is speed. You don’t need to have huge muscles in order to kick a thug’s ass. You just need the right set of skills and the speed to execute them. But there’s always a chance that your techniques won’t work against a big guy if you are too skinny. Those challenges can be overcome with the right skills and the speed of execution of each and every move.
If you want to succeed at martial arts, you need to be able to move lightning fast and generate explosive power every now and then. You need those short bursts of power that will allow you to go in for the kill when your opponent makes a mistake. The best way to develop the speed and power you need for martial arts is with the help of resistance training.
Unfortunately, not all kinds of resistance training equipment can really help increase your speed. Doing things fast with free weights and such machines will actually cause injury and may put an end to your martial arts career. Free weights and machines rely on gravity for resistance.
On the other hand, there are elastic exercise bands which rely on elastic for resistance. Elastic resistance is the best form of resistance for martial arts training. With the elastic tubes, you can train as hard and as fast as you want without any worries of injury and overstraining your muscles.
There are a few more advantages of using elastic exercise bands for your martial art workouts. Most of the traditional exercise equipment can harm your flexibility. But training with the bands ensures that you do not lose your flexibility. For certain locks, you will need to be flexible in order to be able to get out of the locks quickly and lock the other person. That’s why training with these bands is much better.
Another benefit of these bands is that you can progressively increase resistance up to over 300lbs. With the right handle and the right set of bands, you will be able to get over 300lbs of resistance for training. You can start low and keep going higher.
The other beauty about the elastic exercise bands is that they allow you to work out your entire body. Unlike other forms of equipment that have a limited set of exercises you can do, these bands allow you to do over 100s of exercises targeting various muscle groups. This is a gift to every single martial artist out there.

best mma classes