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Conor McGregor ► The UFC Invasion

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Most people think that becoming a real mixed martial arts fighter is as easy as taking steroids and donning a TapOut shirt. However, being a real MMA fighter takes much more than that. You need to take lessons, you need to learn the basics, the advanced techniques, and then you actually have to step into the octagon with an opponent so that you can actually learn to apply those techniques. So if you’re looking to become a real MMA fighter, keep reading.
Whenever someone claims to be a real mixed martial arts fighter, it can cause other males in the room to challenge that person. It’s all about biology and this need to compete with other males. We see it in cock fighting and even in lions. It’s this need to fight other males for land or for a mate, etc. But these days we don’t really have the need to fight for land and finding a mate is as easy as putting an ad on a dating site. However, the moment someone claims to be a fighter, he will suddenly have other males in the room challenging him. So if you claim to be a real fighter, are you going to be prepared when you’re challenged? Let’s hope so.
MMA is the fastest growing sport in the world. You don’t have to be big or unusually strong to become good at it, either. All the time small opponents beat bigger opponents. It’s all about how they use technique, not about how much they can bench press. And that’s what MMA is all about, it’s about how you use the techniques you’ve been taught.
Becoming a Real Mixed Martial Arts Fighter
The only way you will become a real MMA fighter is to learn the proper techniques. You can’t just go to a few classes and claim to be good. Being good takes years of practice, and being really good takes ten years or more. Now, when you consider that taking classes from a top-notch gym can set you back a hundred dollars a month or more, you’re looking to spend a lot of money if your goal is to become a real fighter.
There is a faster and cheaper way to learn how to fight in mixed martial arts, however. That’s by taking advantage of one of the many MMA DVDs online. These DVDs will start with the basic techniques and slowly move through the advanced techniques just as you would if you were to take classes in a real MMA school. You only need to search for these DVDs to find them and you can work out with them in the privacy of your own home. Then, whenever you tell someone you’re becoming a real mixed martial arts fighter, you’ll actually be able to back that claim up.

best core strengthening exercises mma