MMA Life CM Punk Says His UFC Debut Will Cost His Haters Their Money and Marriages – YouTube Video Update

CM Punk Says His UFC Debut Will Cost His Haters Their Money and Marriages

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A bigger opponent can inflict much more damage than a smaller guy because his blows are stronger and heavier… that’s kind of obvious. If he is untrained and so are you the bigger man has the natural advantage and in most cases will win. Same goes in most cases for a Big Good Man against a Small Good Man, the bigger guy probably wins. Think of a Lightweight fighter against a Heavyweight fighting – all things being equal the Heavyweight wins. So what can we learn from this if you’re a smaller guy?
Firstly if you are the smaller guy you MUST be smarter in a fight and have MUCH more skills than the bigger man.
It’s not enough to even be equal in skill; you must be much better than the bigger man otherwise you lose and probably lose badly. To take away the edge and advantage from the bigger man you need to possess much better fighting techniques otherwise you are probably walking around hoping the next big guy doesn’t pick a fight with that’s not a nice feeling to have.
You can train to deal with a bigger attacker utilizing your strengths; you can stay on the outside of a bigger opponent and counter punch using speed as your weapon. You need to train good footwork, head movement and timing your attacks for this fighting strategy.
Watching Manny Pacquiao the legendary Philippines boxer demonstrates this perfectly maximizing his strengths of lateral movement and quickness with fast hard combinations.
You can learn to avoid his bigger strikes and get to the inside and use hooks to the head and body to defeat a bigger guy.
To fight using this type of strategy you’ll need to train bobbing and weaving and staying close to your opponent and then finishing with hard hooks to the head and body. Mike Tyson was a perfect exponent of this strategy, not being a big Heavyweight and having to fight bigger men he mastered this strategy to become one of the great fighters.
You can also take away a bigger opponents balance with grappling holds and wrestling pins.
To utilize this strategy your practicing closing the distance on your opponent to avoid his punches then get in the clinch and look to take your opponent down with a throw or takedown technique and then finish your opponent with strikes or submission such as a chose hold.

best mma circuit