MMA Life Chris Weidman and Luke Rockhold are all business before UFC 194 – YouTube Video Update

Chris Weidman and Luke Rockhold are all business before UFC 194

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Regardless of martial arts style, if you are looking for an excellent school or a great teacher, these are the traits that you should look for:

Superb communication skills – Students learn lessons and improve faster when the teacher speaks their language. All students are not the same, therefore, the teacher must adjust all communication tools to match the student’s. For example, if you are a visual learner, it doesn’t make any sense to ask you to imagine the technique.

Motivation Skills – Part of martial arts is quite physical, so as a teacher, you must evoke or awake the student’s energy potential. You must teach with gusto and charisma.

Positive – Motivation and having a positive attitude as a teacher are the guiding post of success. Students feel more comfortable and more confident hanging around someone who they can approach in moments of trouble. Simply, it’s easier to be around a cheerful and optimistic person then someone who is annoyed at life all the time.

Highly Knowledgeable – I’ve learned that all truly great coaches are knowledgeable of their craft on all different levels. Look at the great Bruce Lee, Miyamoto Musashi, Morihei Ueshiba among others. They all had a sense of balance in their skills that few teachers have today. They knew their craft at the mental, spiritual and physical level.

Sincerity, Understanding and Kindness – Honesty and being able to put yourself in your students shoes are exemplified by a true master in any craft. A boastful and unkind teacher will soon lose the respect of his followers.

Pleasant Personality – The business of martial arts requires that you as a teacher maintain a professional and pleasant personality so you can deal with your clients in effective ways. All great businesses observe this very carefully.

Tactfulness – All of us from time to time, say things that we don’t mean, so a great teacher is very cautious of the words he says, since students can misconstrue our words and actions.

Objective – A great teacher realizes the importance of setting goals, so he sets goals and challenges for his students in order to keep them sharp with an extra edge for winning the game of life and tournaments.

Walk The Walk – It’s very discouraging if you’re teacher is out of shape, unless he or she is sick or too old to train. It’s important t to practice and do one’s homework by training diligently and intelligently. This again serves as the ultimate goal of serious students; to become like their teacher. As a teacher, your skill must be beyond superior in order to create a sense of credibility.

best mma base style