MMA Life Brock Lesnar opens up about his MMA return, his training and more – YouTube Video update

The MMA Life Brock Lesnar opens up about his MMA return, his training and more – YouTube Video update MMA


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In the last article on MMA that I wrote, we explored a bit about what MMA was and if you could use it for the street. We went into a scenario where we saw how effective MMA could be. In this issue, we are going to go into the opposite end of the scale and see how MMA is NOT good for the streets.
I have talked to many many people on this topic and almost everyone the partakes in MMA or jiu-jitsu swear up and down that it is the best things for a street fight. They say things like, “most fights end up on the ground”, or their ego gets involved and they may say something like “I would just ground and pound someone that tries anything”.
Now like I said in the last article, MMA can give you a lot of basic tools such as punching, kicking etc. But MMA is a sport. Plain and simple and does not take into other factors that happen in a real street situation.
Lets look at the scenario I posted before.:
You go out to a bar and you have a couple drinks with the guys. After about an hour or two of hanging out, you decide you are going to go home. On your way out you accidentally bump into someone. You say you are sorry and continue out the door. You get almost to your car and then you hear a voice behind you. “HEY YOU!”. You turn around to see the guy you bumped into coming right for you and is really ticked off. All of a sudden he swings and tries to hit you.
Now, this was only part of the story. Here is the rest of what really happened.
After the fight started you are controlling your opponent and are really laying in some good solid hits. But unbeknown to you, right before the fight started, the guy that you bumped into was not alone. And his friends now see that he is missing and start to look for him. They see him in the parking lot scrapping with you. So what do they do, they start to help out their friend of course. All they see is a fight and their friend in it. Without warning, they violently start to kick and pound on you like you are the one that started the fight. After all, they dont know any better. You try to explain to them but you can’t cause they are stopping you and preventing you from saying anything. After you are pretty much beaten to a bloody pulp, one of them withdraws a pocket knife and stabs you 3 times in the abdomen before running off. You are left for dead until the doorman comes out to see you bleeding to death in the parking lot.
So why was MMA not effective in this situation?
MMA is a ring sport and is not suitable to Multiple attackers or weapons. Well let me rephrase that. MMA does not train against multiple attackers or weapons so there for most people that train in MMA’s would have no idea how to handle a situation where they are now overwhelmed with more than one opponent or a weapon is used. This knowledge is a must if you want to survive a street attack.
There are 2 main things that happen in most street attacks that MMA just doesn’t train for.
Multiple Attackers
In most violent attacks, one or both of these things usually happen. Either you are faced with many opponents or someone draws a weapon of some sort. Or Both like in the situation. If you are going to train to defend your life, these are two things that you HAVE to train for. You can’t just train to fight a single unarmed person. And if you are going to train against different life threatening scenarios, make sure that the techniques you are training for are the best responses to the given situation. So if you train in a system like MMA, make sure you supplement your training in something like the Filipino Martial Arts (FMA’s). In my next article, I am going to show some common techniques to attacks (that I see in most martial arts) that are NOT the best responses, to show how bad they could be.
And if you all were wondering, the scenario that I presented was from a real life situation.
Until then
Be Aware, Train Hard, Stay Safe

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