MMA Life BRAVO! Carla’s Dreams – “CÂȘTIGĂTOR” a 7 trofee la Media Music Awards 2016 (MMA Sibiu 2016) Video update

The MMA Life BRAVO! Carla’s Dreams – “CÂȘTIGĂTOR” a 7 trofee la Media Music Awards 2016 (MMA Sibiu 2016) Video update MMA


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When it comes to MMA training, the question will arise as to which is more important: speed or power. Actually, this is a question that arises in all facets of martial arts training and not just MMA. So, what would be the better attribute to seek? For that matter, which of these attributes would be best to fear most when facing an opponent?
Here is the answer: one is not better than the other. You need to develop both speed and power to the best of your abilities. You will have to contend with the speed and power of the opponent you are dealing with. Really, you cannot be a fighter or a martial artist without some level of speed and power. The distribution is not always evenly present. Quite honestly, no fighters really develop 50/50 levels of power and skill. You do not need even distribution of speed and power. You need to work drills designed to enhance speed and power. The end result would be a fighter that understands the strengths and limitations of his own attributes and how to use those attributes effectively.
The other side of the coin would be to employ such attributes to deal with the specific attributes of an opponent. MMA training needs to take this into consideration when developing what is needed to be the victor in a match. Speed and power count for a lot when fighting a top opponent. That is why offensive and defensive strategies need to be employed to arrive at the proper chance of becoming the victor.
Simply put, all MMA training needs to deal with the development of speed and power to some degree. There are scores of drills that can enhance both of these attributes. Taking part in such drills is certainly recommended since they can help develop a balanced and effective fighter.

mma federation usa