MMA Life Austin Creed vs. Jimmy Uso: UFC 2 Tournament Winners Final — Gamer Gauntlet – YouTube Video Update

Austin Creed vs. Jimmy Uso: UFC 2 Tournament Winners Final — Gamer Gauntlet

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In the martial arts academy that I founded in California, I sometimes get calls from anxious parents, wondering if their children can begin taking classes with me. These parents want to allow their children the opportunity to experience some of the amazing benefits of the martial arts, but they worry that the classes will be too focused on violence, and their children will be injured in the process. While there is no universal age at which it’s best to begin learning, as each child is different and matures a bit differently, there are a few guidelines parents can follow when they’re debating this important question.
Martial arts lessons require a significant amount of concentration. Instructors expect their students to watch the demonstrations carefully, and then repeat the movements just as they have been shown. Very young children often don’t have the ability to stay still and listen for long periods of time, and these youngsters may find the classes to be intensely boring. These children may begin to act up and act out, just so they’ll have something to do and something to focus their excess energy upon. Misbehaving children can be incredibly distracting and hard to deal with, and frankly, many martial arts facilities just don’t have the ability to provide child care for those little ones who are uninspired and acting out. For this reason, I don’t think children younger than 3 should attend martial arts classes, and children ages 4 to 5 could benefit, if they are children known for their adult nature and respect for authority figures.
Children ages 7 and up I think are at just the right age to learn the martial arts. This can be a tricky time for children, in which they’re asked to maneuver the adult world when they don’t really have the skills or the confidence to do so properly. Without a little help and guidance, children at this age can quickly go astray, leaning on drugs or alcohol or developing violent tendencies as they learn to deal with impending adulthood. Martial arts can help these children to learn discipline and self-control, and courses can provide students with the confidence they’ll need in order to become healthy and happy adults. Courses for students in this age group are almost invaluable.

best mma highlights hd