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30 Greatest Insults by UFC’s Michael Bisping

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the best of the mma hour 2014 edition (vol. 1)

There are many different martial arts and lots of different styles to find out about. Choosing the right one can be a difficult and complicated task.
In spite of what you might hear it’s pretty impossible to pick one style out as the ultimate best one. There are several factors that you have to take into consideration about which one is best, that make the decision impossible. Although one may be superior in a competition or fight it doesn’t make it the overall winner, all the time.
Before you make a snap decision about which one you’re going to learn there are a few things you should think about first. No matter which style you decide on in the end, any martial arts is a great discipline to learn, it will teach you control, self defense and much more, that will be beneficial as you go through life.
Self Defense.
Throughout the world there are certain schools and dojos that put focus on self defense more then others. Schools that focus on kata and light sparring are not as likely to focus on teaching you how to protect yourself out there on the street. If you are looking for a martial art so you can defend yourself out on the streets you’re going to want to go for one that will put you through hard core training and pushes you.
Although martial arts can help make you overall more fit it is not the ultimate goal of these arts. Some styles such as Tae bo are totally about the martial art and do not have included in them a lot of fitness training. If you want to get into focusing much more on the physical aspect of fitness you should look into another form of fitness training.
Fighting ability
This will depend on the different forms of fighting styles. Self defense schools are very good at teaching all the different forms of fighting abilities you are going to need to survive.
You will find most martial art styles are slow moving in teaching theory, teaching kata, forms and movements. Self defense schools focus on teaching you how to inflict the biggest amount of damage in the shortest space of time.
Styles that are based in competition are about showing the world the different awards and trophies you’ve won,and showing the world the type of martial art you have become great at. What you have chosen to do as a martial art with have a huge impact on your style of ancient Chinese arts. You will have to work out if you will be displaying kata or focusing on showcasing fighting, if the contact will be light or heavy or if you will put emphasis on grappling or striking.
Before you make a final decision on which style you are going to do, you should check out the schools and dojos, in your area and see how professional they seem to be. Going along to a few free classes is a great idea and free classes are always provided by the best schools, you may also be offered some money off on the first few months of classes. They will help you with any questions you have and help you as much as they can.
Martial arts can be great fun to learn and very exciting. There are hundreds of different assorted martial arts styles going and its just a matter of looking through them all to decide which one is the right one for you. Your choices may be limited though by what is offered in your area.
Jiu-Jitsu, Tae Kwon Do, Karate an Kickboxing, are some of the most common types of fighting arts, and they are normally available to do pretty much everywhere. The more distinct styles, such as Shaolin, Kung Fu, Shoot fighting, Kenpo styles are more difficult to find.
If you take a look around and do a some research of the martial arts offered in your area you will find the best style to fit your needs. These ancient Chinese arts can make you think differently about life, all you need to do is dedicate yourself to learning the philosophy of a martial art.

the best of the mma hour 2014 edition (vol. 1)