Mir vs. food: Watch Frank Mir take on 20,000-calorie burger at the famous ‘Heart Attack Grill’

Former UFC heavyweight champion and current Bellator heavyweight Frank Mir has faced his fair share of big challenges over the years, and this past week he faced his latest – a 20,000-calorie burger.

Mir and his family paid a visit to the Heart Attack Grill at Neonopolis off Freemont St. for a dinner with a difference, and met his match in the form of the frankly ridiculous “Octuple Bypass Burger.”

After taking his essential medication – a shot of Fireball – Mir received his order, a towering creation that boasts a staggering eight beef patties, 16 slices of cheese, 40 slices of bacon, two tomatoes and one onion, all somehow constructed and housed in just one burger bun.

In total, it weighed in at a hefty 19,964 calories and even Mir, who weighed in at an even 300 pounds on the restaurant’s electronic cattle scale (you eat unlimited food for free if you weigh 350 or more) knew he was facing an uphill battle to take this opponent down.

“My initial thought is I’m probably not going to finish this, but I’m gonna go down swinging,” said an intimidated-looking Mir, before he got down to business and made a start on attacking the task at hand.

Impressively, Mir munched his way through half of the creation before hitting the wall and realizing he wasn’t going to make it all the way to the end.

“We’re halfway through, and I’m not feeling really good,” he laughed, before admitting: “I might have to tap! I think the burger taps me!”

After dispensing with some of the onion and tomato and grabbing the weapon of choice for many a seasoned burger eater, the tomato ketchup, Mir went back for more, but was forced to tap out soon after, saying: “Where’s Big John McCarthy when you need him!”

You can watch Mir’s battle with the burger via the video above.

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