LAS VEGAS – Mike Rodriguez beat Marcin Prachnio with a first-round knockout Saturday in the UFC on ESPN 15 co-main event in Las Vegas.

Take a look inside the fight with Rodriguez, who got back in the win column after a knockout loss in December 2019.

Rodriguez on the fight’s key moment

“I was actually going to set up my 2 on one of his kicks, but we ended up getting into a clinch and I just tried to soften him up with a couple of knees. And when I landed that first elbow – because he was defending my legs and had his head basically exposed – so I landed the first elbow and he was still trying to defend it like that, I just started spamming him with elbows and took him out.”

Rodriguez on making changes

“I had to reevaluate a lot of little things on how I approached the game, how I carried myself in fights and things of that nature – not so much in the fights, but in my preparation. I just switched little things around, stopped doing some of those things and that’s how I was able to get that win today.”

Rodriguez on what he wants next

“I’m not going to say that being in the losers bracket is not motivating, because it is – a lot. But now that I’m in the winning column, you’ve got that taste. You’re like, ‘I want more. I want to win some more.’ So I have to get back home, get back to the drawing board and we have to keep working. I’m probably going to have this week off, but my coaches are going to put me back into work soon.”

To hear more from Rodriguez, check out the video of the full post-fight interview above.

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