Just In Watch A.J. McKee and ‘Baby Slice’ punch each other’s stomach as hard as they can (damn) MMA Life

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Listen, I’m not gonna pretend to know what are the most effective ways to train MMA. All I know is that when I see A.J. McKee and Kevin Ferguson Jr. punching each other in the stomach as hard as they can, my natural reaction is to ask: “Is that really necessary?”

The Bellator Twitter account calls this “Strength & Conditioning.” Me? I call it crazy and painful. Take a look:

Man, I can’t breathe just watching this and sure as hell don’t blame “Baby Slice” for bowing out the way he did.

I guess this is just how they do things at Team Bodyshop. And hey, whatever works. McKee hasn’t gone a Bellator record 14-0 by taking it easy in practice.

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