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It’s apparently going to take more than an unexpected claim to rattle Valentina Shevchenko ahead of UFC 238.

Shevchenko, the UFC women’s flyweight champion, posted a video of herself last week in which she’s hitting a heavy bag at the UFC Performance Institute in Las Vegas. It stirred up, shall we call it, a mini-controversy thanks to Jessica Eye.

Eye, who’s set to challenge for Shevchenko’s title on June 8 in Chicago, took to Twitter after seeing the video to offer an opinion. Without resharing, Eye claimed that Shevchenko intentionally sped up the footage to make herself look better.

She sped up her video to make her sled look faster 😂😂😂 dude I am dead right 🤯 I didn’t know it’s a thing and people do that . Hilarious

Here’s the video in question (via Instagram):

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#UFC238 👊🏻 Las Vegas. May 2019

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Some folks on Twitter and Instagram laughed at Eye’s claim, believing that Shevchenko really is just that quick with her hands and feet. Others, however, pointed to the speed of the cars on the freeway as evidence to support Eye’s claim of the footage being doctored.

To be sure, Shevchenko retweeted Eye and issued a one-liner response that same day last week. But during a Tuesday appearance on MMA Junkie Radio, the champ made it clear that she wasn’t bothered one bit by Eye’s claim.

“It didn’t bother me like how people are trying to imagine, like it goes deep to your soul, like it bothers you too much,” Shevchenko said. “No, this doesn’t happen with me, because to make that happen it would have to be too much happening. I know how to control my emotions and how cool I have to be before the fight, to concentrate all my emotions on one thing, to explode during the fight. Of course, I felt that I had to tell her something, because if the person (makes up) stupid things, you have to respond. Even if they don’t make any sense, this is my point of view, and I shared it with everyone.”

Further evidence that Shevchenko is unfazed by Eye’s potential attempt at playing mind games before the fight? She’s been crossing paths with her at the UFC PI, where they’re both training, and keeps things cordial.

“For me, it’s nothing. I even can say hello to her,” Shevchenko said. “For me, it doesn’t cost anything, because in the octagon we have to fight. Right now, I have to prepare for my fight. This is what I think about everything, all day long, to be the best version of me for my fight. I don’t spend too much energy on different things.”

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