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Since the early days when the sport was anything but a mainstream endeavor the MMA industry has thrived and survived through various websites, forums, and, perhaps most importantly, social-media platforms.

Fighters interact with fans, each other and many more through the likes of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, which helps outsiders get a deeper look into the minds of the athletes.

Following Saturday’s UFC 244 event in New York, several of the winning and losing fighters, along with their coaches, training partners or family members, took to social media to react to the event or share a message with supporters.

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The defeated

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1st : Thank you so much @ufc and @danawhite for the GREAT opportunity to fight in legendary arena #madisonsquaregarden …..!!! 2d : I’m so sorry for ALL my #GREATPEOPLE , my coaches and my fans …!!!! I put everyone down, I’m sorry ….. But also make some ppl , my haters happy, it’s a great sport and some sh… can fly out nowhere …., I missed his jab and left hook….. Now I’m down , will rest a little bit and will start AGAIN, as usual …. I’m deeply sorry for all ppl who supported me , my son is crying and it’s the hardest feeling for me !!!! Нечего сказать, облажался ….!!! Кто был за меня – ПРОШУ ПРОШЕНИЯ, а тем кто против – Пируйте …ки !!!Сегодня не мой вечер , полежу, погрущю, залежу раны и начну опять поднимается, мне не впервой …..Ещё раз Спасибо !! #АндрейОрловский #АндрейПитбульОрловский #AndreiArlovski #ufc244 #nyc #notmyday #notmynight

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My apologies for my bad performance. And congrats to my opponent Shane Burgos, all the success for you brother. “what happened after the first round, you had a good first round but then you got tired” I was taken to the hospital straight away after the fight and I was extremely dehydrated and got couple of ivies. Doctor was worried about my condition and he was suggesting to stay at the hospital a bit longer. He told me that my kidney got a bit damaged and my potassium levels where too high. This means It can cause a heart attack or death. I already felt that I’m dead so all I had in my mind was to show up in front of my mom. I wanted her to see that I’m ok and she can relax. For a mother I can imagine how stressful it can be to see your son getting beaten. On a fight day I checked my weight and I weighed 69kg/152lb. I really couldn’t believe my eyes cause normally I go back to 72-75kg. That was the first sign to me that maybe something is wrong, but i didn’t want my team to worry so we where just laughing about it. Now before the fight there was medical test and the first thing they do is that they check your weight and again same weight 69kg and I was thinking no worries maybe I have just been eating clean and that’s it. When we started to do the warmup I got tired really fast now at this point any professional athlete who has been doing this throughout your life you know your body better then anybody else. I knew something was wrong but I didn’t want to speak to anybody cause I was afraid that they might cancel the fight and that was not an option for me. Stupid I know but when you put your heart and soul in to this game you are ready to go thru hell and back if it’s necessary. “What caused this” Well I think that everything combined together was the reason, but I would say that the time difference compared to Finland was just too much. If they would gave me a pillow and blanket I would have fallen in sleep with no time. My inner clock was confused, big lesson for me when I fight next time outside of Europe. After the first minute all my energy was gone. I couldn’t even hold my hands together and when the first round was over I was thinking how in the

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It was an honor to face this guy in the octagon! Didn’t go the way I wanted but definitely was what I needed. He exposed many things in my game and I’m gonna make sure to improve and grow after this. Gave it all I had as always and looked to put the best show I could for all of those watching! I’ll be back better then ever 🙏🏼👊🏼 . Uma honra enfrentar esse cara no octógono! O resultado não foi como eu queria mas talvez como eu precisava, ele expôs varias brechas no meu jogo que vou corrigir e melhorar. Como sempre dei meu melhor para dar um show para os que estavam assistindo. Vou voltar melhor e mais forte do que nunca 👊🏼 . Un honor pelear con este gran oponente! No me fue como gustaría pero creo que necesitaba eso, vi muchas cosas que puedo mejorar. Di todo que tenia hasta el final y trate de darles un grande show! Volveré mejor y más fuerte 🙏🏼 #UFC244

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The victorious

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#ufc244 #ufc #poorsportsmanship

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Mood tonight

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Much love #theresurrection

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