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It appears there will be more on the line on Dec. 7 than just bragging rights.

Former UFC champion Tito Ortiz and former WWE champ Alberto El Patron, have decided to put their respective belts on the line for their upcoming main event fight at Combate Americas in Hidalgo, Texas.

And Ortiz says he’s always wanted to become a WWE champ, so here’s his chance.

“I want to put my belt up just because I’m a huge WWE fan, and I’ve always wanted a heavyweight world title,” Ortiz told MMA Junkie. “I’ve always wanted that heavyweight world title. I mean, I remember back in the day watching Hulk Hogan carrying the world title, being the world champion, to Dwayne Johnson, ‘The Rock,’ being the world champion. I was like, ‘Man, if I ever had the opportunity to go to the WWE, I know I can be world champion, too.’”

And El Patron loved the idea. He’s just mad that he didn’t come up with it first.

“To be honest, that’s a fantastic idea,” El Patron said. “I know he’s not too bright, but in this one, it was his idea. He came up with the idea, and it’s a fantastic one. I wish it would have been me that said, ‘Hey let’s put the titles on the line.’”

Nice little dig in there by El Patron, but hey, credit where credit is due. So who will walk out “and new”?

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