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Former heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury is staying busy while he recovers from his recent win by taking a busman’s holiday and making his first foray into professional wrestling.

Fury’s arrival in WWE came at the same time as that of another former heavyweight champion, Cain Velasquez, with both men set to perform in the WWE’s upcoming Crown Jewel event in Saudi Arabia.

Fury will line up against fellow 7-footer Braun Strowman, while Velasquez renews acquaintances with the man he defeated to win the UFC heavyweight title, Brock Lesnar.

Speaking to MMA Junkie after the recent WWE press conference in Las Vegas, Fury said he’d be more than happy to take part in a battle of former heavyweight champs and line up against Velasquez inside the WWE ring.

“Yeah, listen. Me and Cain, we’ve got a rivalry going back from when he was UFC heavyweight champion, from a right few years ago,” Fury said. “There was a lot of back and forward on social media back then. And, who knows, maybe that rivalry could spill over into WWE.”

Fury is technically still the lineal heavyweight champion of the world, having never been beaten inside the ring. And while he is determined to complete his return to boxing’s heavyweight summit, he’s clearly relishing a slight break from the norm as he rubs shoulders with heavyweights from different genres of sport and sports entertainment.

And while a match with Velasquez would certainly carry some crossover interest, Fury said he’d welcome the opportunity to challenge any of the world’s top big men.

“I’d love to fight them all,” he said. “I’m a prizefighter. I’ve never ducked a fight in my life, and I’ll fight anybody.”

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