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NEW YORK – Jorge Masvidal is a happy man now that the “BMF” belt is in his possession, but that’s by no means the end of his belt-collecting ambitions.

Speaking to reporters, including MMA Junkie, at the UFC 244 post-fight news conference at Madison Square Garden, Masvidal (35-13 MMA, 12-6 UFC) said he was very fond of his newest possession.

“I love the (expletive) belt,” Masvidal said. “I love it. It’s dark. It doesn’t look like every other belt that the UFC’s ever made. I’d rock that (expletive). I’d wear that out in public, maybe.

“Also, I’m the type of dude – and I’m gonna sound like I’m greedy, which I am – but I live in the future, man. This thing is cool, but I’m not going to be in every interview like them (expletive)suckers: ‘Hey, look at me! I’ve got an interim belt!’ That’s not me, man. I want the next belt, man. So this one’s cool, but I’m gonna get more.”

Of course, that was a thinly-veiled reference to the UFC welterweight title currently held by Kamaru Usman, who puts the strap on the line Dec. 14 at UFC 245 against Masvidal’s teammate and former friend Colby Covington. Based on his comments backstage, it’s not a fight that excites Masvidal.

“If I’m having trouble sleeping, I’ll hang out, smoke weed and pass out, and eat a lot of food and stuff,” he said. “I don’t need to see that fight, so I won’t be watching that (expletive). Who the (expletive) have they knocked out? I’ve got more stoppages this year than their whole (expletive) career combined. That’s just math, though. You can look it up.

“We’re going to fight when the championship of sissies is done,” Masvidal continued. I’ll be there when the dust settles. I don’t know when or not, but it’s on my terms now.”

When asked if he’d be prepared to step in and save the show if either Usman or Covington fell out prior to fight night in Las Vegas, Masvidal pondered before hinting that he’d consider it – if the price was right.

“I’d be the hero they need, but they don’t deserve, man,” Masvidal said. “They’d have to whip out the checkbook like they haven’t done it. My hands are (expletive) up, man. I usually don’t say too much about my injuries, but my hand is a little jacked up, man. I need some rehab on it. So if I was to get in there, especially with those crotch sniffers, I know I can hit them with a (expletive) knee or something, so I could do it.

“Dana’s not going to like the figure. Neither’s Hunter or the UFC. So I’ll put it out there anyway, so it’s out in the universe. If one of those sissies gets hurt, they gotta pay me, man. They gotta (expletive) pay me.”

In the event that Masvidal’s services aren’t called upon in the next two months, it means that his win over Diaz at UFC 244 rounded off a stellar year for “Gamebred,” who picked up a spectacular knockout victory over Darren Till at UFC on ESPN+ 5, then claimed the fastest knockout in UFC history with a five-second finish of Ben Askren at UFC 239 before capturing the “BMF” belt in The Big Apple.

But despite acknowledging his accomplishments in 2019, Masvidal insists the best is still to come.

“I had a good run in ’19,” he said. (But) it’s gonna be better in 2020. I guarantee that.”

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