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With no fight currently booked, former UFC champion Cris Cyborg has been focusing her energy on a different type of battle.

Cyborg recently joined fellow fighter Justin Wren and his organization, “Fight for the Forgotten,” in an effort to provide safe drinking water for two villages in Uganda. The trip was documented in a 30-minute video, posted to Cyborg’s YouTube page.

“Our clean water is just part of an entire Water-Land-Food initiative going on to help empower the Batwa Pygmies currently enslaved, or living as refugees,” Cyborg said of the initiative. “I know usually I’m promoting fight related material, but this experience has reaffirmed to me the responsibilities we all have to help make this world more lovable and better for everyone.”

In the clip, you can hear takafrica.org‘s Josphat Ngaira Musumba talk about the struggle with malaria – which Wren has fallen ill with three times – and the efforts to prevent and treat the disease. Despite the low costs of treatment, malaria remains one of the leading causes of death in Africa.

After a visit to an orphanage, in which Cyborg (20-2 MMA, 5-1 UFC) interacted with the children and even showed them clips of her fights, the featherweight issued a message to her fans.

“I think we can do better,” Cyborg said. “You know, we can help. And I’m going to do it, and you guys know you’re going to be with me. I know you guys are with me, at the fight with me in the cage, and we’re going to be in another fight together.”

Cyborg hasn’t competed since last December, at UFC 232, when fellow Brazilian UFC champion Amanda Nunes brought an end to her featherweight reign. The loss to Nunes snapped a 20-fight winning streak for Cyborg, who currently doesn’t have a fight scheduled.

According to their Facebook page, “Fight for the Forgotten” is a “non-profit making a life-altering impact in the remote parts of the Congo jungle. We are working to free the Mbuti Pygmy people from slavery and then develop sustainability. The heart of FFTF is to radically love the unloved!”

You can read more about their efforts and find out how to contribute here.

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