For the second time in as many fights, Jessica Eye missed weight – and this time she heard about it from a prominent UFC women’s flyweight contender.

Prior to UFC on ESPN 10 weigh-ins, Eye was confident that there would be no issues, chalking up her five-pound miss from December to bad timing with her menstrual cycle. On Friday, Eye was visibly in bad shape as she needed to the hoop to step on the scale but came in just over the limit at 126.25 pounds.

Not long after, 125-pound contender Joanne Calderwood took a not-so-subtle jab at Eye in a tweet with the hashtag #makeflyweightgreatagain.

That prompted a back-and-forth between Eye, who was knocked out by women’s flyweight champion Valentina Shevchenko last year, and Calderwood, Shevchenko’s next challenger.

Calderwood questioned the validity of Eye’s official weight since her hands weren’t visible while on the scale.

Was it really .25 because I’ve heard from multiple people that you were 4lbs over 15 mins before you actually weighed in. Main event spot or not if you know your not gonna make it don’t take the fight.

Eye fired back, offering to fight outside of the octagon.

@DRkneevil your comical Jo jo, you play this sweet, incident person. You are as fake as the act you put on. Make sure to don’t play nice when see me at the @UFCPI. if you don’t want to take a fight in the octagon because you scare let set up gym fight your gym right by my house

And on they went.

it’s called being civil in a professional environment @UFCPI ain’t nothing I’d not say to your face..just like when you made comment on my cardio on one of my fights and when you first got to the pi I asked you in the locker room…are you here for the great cardio? Bu

Crazy how you went the internet to try to recruit people . 👏🏼 crazy because you could have had this conversation with me private but you prove to show how fake you are with this sweet girl attitude . Thanks for reminding me who you really are for second I kinda thought your were

Despite the weight miss, Eye’s fight against Cynthia Calvillo will continue as the UFC on ESPN 10 headliner, which takes place Saturday at the UFC Apex and will be simulcast on ESPN and ESPN+.