With the worldwide COVID-19 epidemic in full effect, fighters and fight fans alike find themselves in the same boat as everyone else when it comes to finding their next source of entertainment and income.

Sports across the globe have pretty much come to a halt, and though MMA may be a sport that can return to business faster than others, the fact still remains that our new realities currently involve factors like social distancing and self quarantines.

Now, I don’t want to make light of the pandemic at hand or overly sensationalize the current climate, since I’m sure we’ll all come through this as better human beings. However, in case things get worse – hypothetically – I thought it would be a fun exercise to construct a fantasy team of seven fighters who you’d want by your side in the event of an all-out apocalypse.

Here’s mine, and feel free to share yours in the comments section below:

No. 7: Frank Mir

Strengths: Weaponry, looks intimidating, probably already ready for the apocalypse

Summary: I believe it was Joe Rogan who said that if Frank Mir fell down a flight of stairs it would set off a firework show of gunshots. Regardless if there’s any truth to that or not, anyone who carries enough weapons on the regular that they accidentally smuggle ammunition into another country can be on my apocalypse team any day.

Former UFC heavyweight champ credentials aside, Mir – who looms large at 6-foot-3 – just looks like a guy you wouldn’t want to mess with. Add in his tactical skills and a large stockpile of guns, and that’s the person I’d want guarding my resources (assuming he lets you back in the house after your supply run).

Frank Mir tactical firearm training:

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