LAS VEGAS – Deron Winn beat Antonio Arroyo with a unanimous decision Saturday on the preliminary card at UFC Fight Night 183 in Las Vegas.

Take a look inside the fight with Winn, who snapped a two-fight skid with a mild upset win.

Winn on the fight’s key moment

“As a wrestler, we’re born and bred to break people. So I could feel early when he was breaking. I’m tough and durable. I prepared a bit differently this time. I’m real durable. He was hitting me hard, but nothing to where I was (worried).”

Winn on making improvements

“Honestly, it was subpar. I know I got it done, but I’ve been working on so many other things than what I showed. I’m still young in the game. I’ve done a lot in this past year to improve my overall skill set. I’m not disappointed. I’m happy I got the win. I’ve had a really crazy year. I’m happy with that, but it was a subpar win.

“I’ve been working a lot on my strikes and transitioning those into my takedowns. I feel like I got to show a little bit of it, but I still need more ring time. That was my ninth fight and fourth in the UFC. I only had one fight go the distance before I got in the UFC. I got in the UFC young in my game. I’m still green and raw. I’d like to think I’m improving and showing people I belong.”

Winn on what he wants next