UFC president Dana White insists UFC 249 won’t be a one-off return to action: The fight schedule will be in full swing again beginning April 18.

But where will these fights take place? According to White, the short-term will see events go down at the same still-undisclosed location as UFC 249 on April 18. After that, though, he claims the promotion will be setting up shop on a private island.

“I locked this venue (that will host UFC 249) for two months,” White told TMZ on Monday. “I have this venue for two months, and we’re setting up shop here. We’re going to be pumping out fights every week. I’m also a day or two away from securing a private island. I have a private island that I’ve secured. We’re getting the infrastructure put in now, so I’m going to start doing the international fights, too, with the international fighters.

“I’m not going to be able to get the international fighters, all of them into the U.S., so I have a private island. I’m going to start flying them all into the private island and start doing international fights from there. So as of April 18, the UFC is back up and running. … We have all our own planes and everything we’re going to fly into the island with the fighters.”

When pressed for specifics on UFC 249 and Stateside events beyond, White refrained from revealing additional details.

“The location of UFC 249 is ESPN,” White said.

The overarching concern about the organization putting on UFC 249 – and any events – is that they will be happening in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic. The UFC already has been forced to postpone three events, which followed the trend of nearly every major sports league and event globally over the coming months.

In addition to taking place behind closed doors with no fans, White said precautions will be in place for the U.S. destination, as well as the island location.

“Everyone is going to be tested and tested and tested,” White said. “We’re going to make sure healthy athletes, healthy athletic commission people, healthy judges, referees, my production people, and everyone there is going to be healthy. We’re going to make sure everybody is going to be safe before, during and after the fights.”

UFC 249 was originally scheduled to be headlined by Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Tony Ferguson for the lightweight title. Nurmagomedov is on lockdown in Russia and unable to compete, though, and now Ferguson vs. Justin Gaethje for the interim 155-pound belt headlines the makeshift card.

Nurmagomedov has received a majority of the backlash for a fifth cancellation of a bout with Ferguson, but White said it’s not on him. He said the situation is extreme, and the fight falling apart was just an unfortunate occurrence he’s had to deal with.

“It is not Khabib’s fault,” White said. “It’s not anybody’s fault. This is not something you can prepare for, plan for or anybody can dream this is possible. Las Vegas is shut down. No casinos are open for a month or maybe more. I never thought I would see that in my lifetime.”