Ireland on Friday entered a two-week period of tightened restrictions in order to combat the spread of COVID-19.

The government has issued the equivalent of a stay-at-home order in the U.S., closing non-essential businesses, permitting citizens to leave their homes only for food or medical purposes, or to exercise within two kilometers of their homes.

But one of the nation’s most famous residents, UFC star Conor McGregor, believes his country should do more.

The former UFC lightweight and featherweight champion posted a video Friday night calling for a full five-week lockdown in order to halt the spread of the worldwide coronavirus pandemic in the country, and calling for the nation’s police and military to enforce the measures.

McGregor posted a video on Facebook about the need for greater vigilance.

“We must abide by the legislation put forth tonight by our leaders,” McGregor said. “No further than two kilometers from home, no unessential travel, and full closure of nonessential business. Now more than ever we must abide by this, and I pray for the health and safety of our country that we love. The fate of our lives and the health of our loved ones depends on it.

“Tonight our defense forces have been mentioned as a possibility in assisting with up to 15,000 Gardai available. But only if necessary. However, it is necessary.”

McGregor urged a strong response since it first became apparent COVID-19 would become a serious issue. So while some might view his calls for stronger measures than those outlined by the government as strident, McGregor clearly believes an elevated response is necessary.

“To President (Michael) Higgins, to all of our leaders: Close our airports,” McGregor said. “Utilize our defense forces. For the nation, abide by these measures impeccably. And prepare for five weeks of it. After that, we are free. Five weeks to freedom. We can do this. The countdown begins now.”

You can watch McGregor’s address in the video above.