UNCASVILLE, Conn. — Bellator featherweight AJ Agazarm already had a reputation as a hothead going into his Friday night fight with Cris Lencioni. His actions following his unanimous decision loss on the undercard of Bellator 243 did nothing to change the notion.

Agazarm (3-2 MMA, 3-2 BMMA) lost on scores of 30-27, 30-26, and 29-28. Then he got into an argument with Lencioni (7-2 MMA, 4-2 BMMA), with whom he had heated back-and-forth exchanges all week, which ended with Agazarm flipping off his opponent in the middle of the cage.

Upon going backstage at Mohegan Sun Arena, Agazarm was greeted by Mohegan Tribal Department of Athletic Regulation president Mike Mazzulli, who told him he did not appreciate Agazarm’s actions after the fight.

Agazarm then insisted on having a media scrum, even though Bellator had only been giving the floor to the evening’s winners. Bellator PR was caught off guard and told Agazarm multiple times he was not required or expected to talk to the media, but he took the mic anyway.

There, Agazarm went ahead and leveled charges of bias against judge Douglas Crosby.

“The first thing that I noted is that there was a judge that shouldn’t have been there, judging the fight,” Agazarm said. “Douglas Crosby, he’s had relationships with me, he’s had relationships with my opponent, he’s definitely not impartial. I don’t know what business he had being on the side and judging that fight. That should be immediately examined and the fight should be a draw.”

Crosby scored the bout 29-28, making him the only judge to give Agazarm a round. Mike Murtha had the 30-26 card and Dave Tirelli 30-27.

“I don’t know what there process is, I don’t know how that works, but all I know is there is a judge that should not have been in that corner,” Agazarm continued. “He knows that. He’s a tenured judge. He’s had years of a relationship with myself, my opponent, the coach of my opponent. What was he doing judging that fight? It should be immediately pulled.”

Agazarm also made it clear he’s not about to let go of the bad blood with Lencioni. Agazarm appeared to headbutt Lencioni early in the fight, but afterwards, Agazarm claimed Lencioni caused an accidental clash of heads.

“He talked about a controversial headbutt, he lifted me up and slammed my head, it was an unintentional, and it made him take control of the first and second rounds.”

MMA Junkie reached out to Mazzulli for comment on Agazarm’s accusations and did not receive an immediate reply.